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Thursday, October 22, 2009

And....WE'RE OPEN.

It's been 18 long months in the making - we couldn't be happier to finally turn on that open sign!
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Hope to see you there soon!


  1. Everything was great until we saw the bill! We stopped by this evening to give you a try, since we enjoy the Noodle place so much. The burgers were great, the fries and tater tots were great. Things were kind of busy for everyone, being a Friday night. And then, OMG, we got the bill and it seemed far more than it should have been. The chardonnay my wife was drinking, (note no wines listed on the paper menu we were reading at the bar) turned out to be $10 per glass! Come on, this a burger place - how can you have ten buck wine? When we protested, one of the owners cooking in the back responded, "Hey, we're really tight on every thing. Sorry"
    We'll be back for lunch - never for dinner and we won't dare order more than water to drink.

  2. Terry - first of all, I'd like to apologize that your server didn't inform you of the price of our wines before you ordered. The paper menus at the bar are actually our to-go menus, which is why our wine prices aren't listed on them. So again, I'm sorry that you weren't given the proper menu to order from.

    That being said, we like to focus on value at WBC. We took extra care in researching the wine and beer we serve so as to be confident that we have some of the best that the Northwest has to offer. Which, unfortunately, means that some of our wines are not a bargain.

    Thank you for your feedback on your experience - we truly appreciate every comment.

    -- Willamette Burger Company